Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Right Brain Redux: Day 22 of 30-day Creativity Challenge

Right Brain Redux Day 22: Beware Robots Bearing Gifts... Hey, is that ice cream?

Challenges for today include: 
Kev "Draw a friendly robot" 
Jess "Create a newspaper blackout poem".

Robots. You can't trust em. Except for Optimus Prime. Totally trustworthy. Now, this little guy here, he looks right friendly. He's smiling. He's got ice cream. Real cute fella. But note the red eyes. The control panel on his chest looks like it's up to no good. That big grin... is it just his neck plates? Run. He's coming for you...

Pen & ink on 2.5"x3.5 Strathmore vellum finish Bristol

Jess: A newspaper blackout poem... pretty simple concept, blackout words and create something entirely new, a poem in this case. I can't get through it without laughing...

by Jessica Rose

Water is good for you,
But water in your wallet
Instead, invest in a reusable glass.
Cheers to savings!

Ever use a tie?
Did you know they are reusable?
You can reopen a tie
Release the tie.
Once it's open, it's like new.
Since ties recycle.

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