Monday, November 21, 2011

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Friday, November 18, 2011

ADHD Marketing: Tips for the Small Business Twitter Tacklers

 I still maintain that Twitter is a torture device for us ADD'ers/ ADHD'ers; however, I have found a rhythm within the madness. Twitter has definitely brought us business and exposed our brand. 

Twitter (for small business users) tips are as follows:

1.) Don't sweat losing Tweeps. 

Tweeps are replaceable. Maybe that sounds a bit callous, but let's get a grip here. You don't know the majority of these people! When it comes to Twitter users, you're either relevant to them or not. 

If your target market is comprised of Millennials, that bit of advice is even more applicable! Their preferences are ever-changing. Don't sweat it if they move on; more are on the way.

2.) Try to make some genuine connections 
(especially with those people who have Twitter usage to a science!) 

Within your field, find some "friends." First, I did a search for "Etsy" and "Etsians." From those searches, I found hundreds of fellow Etsians to get to know. We talked back and forth briefly, but mostly we tweeted each others' products and favorited each others' shops. From this basis, I have also joined specific Etsy teams (which are the best places to get to know other Etsians on a more personal level.) Find other businesses like yours and get to know each other! Learning from others is the best way to catapult your business forward at a rapid pace. 

Remember: The number one thing you have to capitalize on is your ability to learn.

3.) Take it all at your own pace. 

Gradually, you will notice that you're progressing. 

To be continued...

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