Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Right Brain Redux: Day 12 of 30-day Creativity Challenge

Right Brain Redux: day 12 (plus Kev's Day 11 catch-up)

Day late and a dollar short.
Broken teeth are unfun. Right. Well first off I have some catching up to do from Monday. I actually did the project late Monday night when I couldn't sleep from the teeth pain. The challenge was "Draw a picture using only one line". So I had to come up with something I could do without lifting the pen from the paper. I actually wasn't quite finished when I lifted the pen, but I stopped when I did.
"Line Doctor" (Day 11 challenge)

Day 12 Challenges:
Jess "Fill a page with doodles"
She puts my doodles to shame. When Jessica doodles, she sees/ thinks in lines and shapes rather than complete images, and the doodle grows organically. She wasn't able to fill the page before her hand went numb (she's being tested/ treated for arthritis). But normally, she wouldn't try to do this all in one sitting.

Kev "Create a new Pandora radio station, then create a piece inspired by the third song that plays".
The idea was to create a piece inspired by music, but to have no control over which music, other than maybe the genre. I created a station based on the Christian Rock band "Red". The third song was "War of Change" by Thousand Foot Krutch. Now, "war" and "change" automatically make me think of Transformers. And the music to the song had a sound that reminded me of some of the TF movie music. Once that was in my head, I couldn't really find another place to go.
The concept of the piece is the past and future at war in the persona of Optimus Prime (G1 and Age of Extinction versions). The only thing that stops changing is something that is dead. That's growth. But do we cross a line where we "grow" to the point that we are no longer ourselves?
"War of Change: Optimus vs. Nopetimus"

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