Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Right Brain Redux: 30-Day Creativity Challenge Day 11

Right Brain Redux: 30-Day Creativity Challenge // Day 11 of of 30

Jess's task: Photography: Capture Opposites

First: God, you are the Ultimate Artist! I am absolutely in awe of your creativity. Thank You for giving me the desire to also be a creator.

When I (Jess) got this challenge, I had to think awhile on what I'd do. Driving around today, up, down, around, and even on top of the mountains, I saw the contrast of light and dark, sunlight and shadows. So I thought about how light and dark are opposites and took that approach.

I had to laugh at myself because it occurred to me that I'm really obsessed with light... always chasing it around. I'm usually thinking about it as we drive and as I observe everything. I know I'll never quite capture photographic perfection, but wow... the chase is fun.


Kevin is working on his project for today, but he will have to post it tomorrow. He's had a rough day at the dentist.

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